• Submit claims to primary, secondary, and third payers

• Send proof of timely filing

• Manage rejected claims

• Post payments and review EOBs

• Appeal denials: First, second, and third level appeals

• Follow up on all outstanding claims

• Patient billing: Terminated insurance, deductibles, copays, etc.

• Procure authorization for procedures when required and check patient eligibility verification.


REPORTS: Accounts receivable, outstanding reports, etc., to give doctors a better understanding of the business aspect of their practice Premium billing offers business consulting to practitioners to help them dramatically increase their cash flow. Our trained staff analyzes doctors’ practices and guides them to explore various available options.

We help practitioners make important decisions, such as expanding their staff or leaving or joining different insurance companies. By following our professional advice, doctors observe tremendous growth in their revenue.

Happy Clients

• Give providers access to claims 24/7

• Service all medical specialties

• Free EMR: practice management software

• Credentialing and enrollments: Enroll physicians with more insurance companies in order to increase the amount of patients who are covered by different payers

• Collections: Work with lawyers and collection agencies on claims when a patient refuses to pay.

Need even more reasons to choose us?

Electronic Claims Submission

-Direct electronic claims filing to Medicare, Medicaid, and private insurance companies.

-We also file claims to secondary insurance.

Professional Coding

-We code and edit all claims for errors, avoiding delays of payment.

Workers Comp and No-fault Claims

-We have seasoned professionals to handle these special claims in the way that will produce ultimate results.

Insurance Follow-up

-We provide the important follow-through to make sure you get paid for your services.

-Our job is not finished when we submit your claim,
and it won’t be done until payment is received.

Patient Biling and Collections & Account Receivable Reports

-Posting payments in a timely fashion allows us to ensure timely revenue flow and produce meaningful A/R reports.

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